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About Us

Concord Enviro was formed in 1991 with an aim to bring Reverse Osmosis Technology to the Indian Market. In its 25 years of existence, Concord has partnered with various product companies to deliver solutions around water and wastewater recycle to Industries, Government, Defense establishments, offshore oil and gas platforms etc. The solution has always centered around an approach to make the existing process more efficient and sustainable.

Concord Enviro focused on delivering both technology and services to clients, thereby establishing a track record of proven installations. Concord Enviro under various brands and technologies delivered a more than 900 installations in India alone. Globally the company has added another 52 systems in 16 different countries.

The focus of the Company has been on recycling water for reuse and thereby reduce the amount of fresh water required by Industries. Consequently, due to increased concentration and management of waste, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) emerged as another challenge. The company focused on increasing recovery from RO systems and collaborate with newer technologies such as membrane distillation to develop cost effective ZLD solutions for wastewater.

Today the company has developed and supplied many customized applications to its clients which are delivering economical and sustainable solutions.

Industrial Wastewater Recycle Solutions

The treatment and disposal of Industrial Wastewater has long been a problematic process. Conventional treatment processes consistently fail to meet new and stringent discharge standards.

Water shortage, rising costs, environmental concerns and evolving customer requirements coupled with governmental policies have driven Concord Enviro to develop technologies that recycle industrial wastewater and create an alternate, and viable, source of fresh water. Today, the Concord Enviro Group recycles > 300MLD of Industrial Wastewater daily.

Utilizing simplified pretreatment combined with highly efficient Membrane Technology to recycle wastewater effectively, Concord Enviro has enabled organizations across multiple industries meet their social, regulatory and environmental obligations.

Sea Water Desalination, Leachate & Sewage Water Recycle

With a growing world population, fresh water availability for industrial use has been reducing. Thus development of alternative sources of fresh water from sea water, sewage and wastewater have become the need of the hour.

It is here that we require a combination of efficient and economical technologies that can yield reuse quality water from these resources.

Concord Enviro with its advanced systems has delivered simplified systems to recover reusable quality water from sea water, sewage etc. to various industrial and government applications for small and medium scale projects.

Sea Water Desalination

Brack Water Desalination

City/Bore Well Water Purification

Industrial Waste Water Recycle

Zero Liquid Discharge

Concord Enviro’s Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Solutions are designed with products that make ZLD sustainable. ZLD combines innovative process engineering strategies with synergistic technologies to provide customers the most beneficial and cost effective Zero Liquid Discharge options.

Process employed

Biological Treatment

Physio / Chemical Treatment

High Pressure Reverse Osmosis for > 10% TS concentration

Waste Heat Evaporators / Multi Effect Evaporators

ATFD / Crystallizers


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